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Poems by JFC

Who am I?

Who am I? Who am I really?
I am Yumi, I am Kenjie
I am Sayaka, I am Yukio.

In the Philippines, I'm different.
In Japan, even more different.
Even though this is what we encounter
we have never even once thought
that life is worthless.

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Maligaya House

Maligaya House GlobeMaligayaHouse

(Citizen's Network for Japanese-Filipino Children. Inc)

About Maligaya House

Maligaya House is Tagalog for “Happy House”. The Citizen's Network for JFC Inc. ran by our Tokyo Office established in 1998 this local office and Maligaya House is dedicated to helping those Japanese-Filipino Children (JFC) whose Japanese fathers abandoned them, find happiness. Maligaya House fights to protect the human rights of the JFC and give support at they grow to adulthood.

Condition of JFC

During the 1980's there was an increase in the number of Filipino women going to work in Japan and thus there was more interaction between Japanese men and Filipino women. This lead to an increase in the number of mixed relationships, sometimes marriage, and quite a few children were born from these couples. There were and are Filipino/Japanese family that have found happiness but there are others where the Japanese man abandoned the Filipino woman and their child which leaves the Filipino woman to raise the child without economic support from the Japanese man and causes emotional damage to the woman and child. The number of children in this situation is increasing. In 1994 JFC support network was established which aimed to protect the human rights of the JFC and since then the number of formally accepted cases has gone up to 635.

Our Activities

Maligaya House's activities can be divided into 5 categories.

Psycho-social Intervention Program (PSI)

Orientation for the New ClientsOur principal activities: Telephone and at office consultations, new clients will have to attend an orientation, to understand individual cases we will conduct home visits and inquiries, offer legal advice, also we offer counseling for the mother and child, and these services are available to all clients. Furthermore, we can send all of this information to the JFC Network office and through the help of our lawyers (they have volunteered for the purpose of supporting the JFC) we can help locate the father, negotiate for legal recognition and/or child Orientation for the New Clients support and mediate with Japanese man. If the a need arises they are also capable of filing lawsuits in Japanese court. Through this process Maligaya House will act as the representation of the mother and child between the JFC Network and their legal counsel.

Training and Education Program (TEP)

Twice a month we have a Japanese Classroom Workshop where we familiarize the JFC with Japanese language and culture. This activity also doubles as an exercise to develop their identity as a Japanese. We also do arts and crafts, games and sometimes dances to allow the JFC to express themselves and these activities also help empower the JFC with more self-confidence. At these regular gatherings the JFC have the opportunity to meet and make friends with other children in a similar situation.

For the mothers we offer, law and legal proceedings seminars, gender workshops, and seminars on migrant workers. Our aim is to recommend strategies to improve their lives, give emotional support, and give leadership training.

We also help JFC get scholarships so they can enter school, continue to university, and afford the school expenses.

Japanese ClassNew Year ProgramAbout FamilyAbout Migrant Workers

For the purpose of creating a comprehensive social support system that aids the client and JFC to develop citizenship skills, advocacy, and group reinforcement we operate through the programs listed below.

Research & Publications Program (RPP)

Maligaya 2We publish a handbook for Filipino women who plan to go to Japan. It began being distributed through the Philippine government in 2004. We also manage a mini library and publish a regular newsletter.

Advocacy & Networking Program

(Ad Net)

We pressure the Philippine Ministry of Foreign Affairs to cooperate with the negotiations between the Japanese embassy and this Japanese NGO

Finance & Administration Program (FAP)

The FAP is involved with organization management, office maintenance, fund raising, and project and faculty development.

Please Support Maligaya House!

Maligaya 3

What can you do for a child that has never known his/her father? You can volunteer or donate money, its up to you, but we humbly wait for your assistance. We are also recruiting local members from the Philippines. For those interested in joining, we publish a newsletter four times a year. If you are interested please send a detailed request to our office.





Contact Information

Maligaya House ( Citizen's Network for JFC-Philippine Office)

Address: Maligaya House ( Citizen's Network for Japanese-Filipino Children,

Inc. )

18-A Cabezas St., Project 4, Quezon City, Metro Manila, 1109 Philippines

Telephone#: 02-439-1520 and 02-913-8913

FAX 02-913-8913

E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Person In Charge: Ms. Naoko Kono

Citizen's Network for JFC-Tokyo Office (Joint Representation: Atty. Chang Hanyo

& Shigeko Yamano)

Address: 206 Hai Home-Nishishinjuku, 4-16-2 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Telephone: FAX 050-3328-0143

E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Home Page:

For Paying Membership Fee to Japan: Postal Transfer Account: 00120-2-720290

Account Name: Citizen's Network for JFC